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Thighs Rejuvenation

With this procedure the tissues turgidity and tension recovers and/or the crotch fat excess is removed.

The upper third of female thigh, on the inside, is almost constant adiposity and sagging area, specially when the patient age exceeds 40 years, or have overweight, or after loosing weight.

Different Treatments

  1. When the patient is young will generally be enough modeling by liposuction.
  2. If is skinny and older than 40, generally, the thighs rejuvenation is desirable.
  3. When adiposity and sagging are both present, is recommended the liposuction and tissues lifting and tensioning.
  4. When flaccidity degrees are fewer and there is no fat or skin excess the situation is probably due to poor physical activity, and in this case will improve markedly with muscular electro stimulation specified for the area.

As well, when we find small fat deposits, and no sagging either skin excess, a weekly application of located lipolytic gives excellent results.

This treatment allows correct the annoying effect of fallen skin and sub cutaneous tissue.

But it must be noted that the patient should not expect from this technique mor than what it is able to correct.

Associated with other procedures, the surgery may last 1 and ½ to 3 hours. The scar gets concealed in the groin area.