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Service Patterns

Care Sequence (Care algorithm)

The steps to follow since you request a personal consultation until the end of the treatment are described below.

1.- To request a consultation with any of the professionals in the Clinic you may call to (+598) 2600 4549 or write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

2.- You will be asked for a phone number in case that any eventuality that may arise, so we will be able to contact you easily. Please let us know by any of the two aforementioned ways in case that, for any reason, you decide not to attend.

3.- At the time you come to the Clinic your Medical File will be open. The physician will complete your medical data.

4.- Whatever the reason for your inquiry, the professional will attend you approximately one hour time. Take this opportunity to request all the information you need and evacuate your doubts, ask again about whatever you may misunderstood. Our duty is to provide understandable information. At the end of the interview you will be clear about the expected results, risks of the procedure, how it is carried about as well as the conditions in which is performed.

5.- It is not necessary for you to make a decision right then. Take the time you need. Your decision should be responsible as it comes to your health.

6.- once you have decided , the steps to follow may vary according to the case, of a medical, surgical or dental treatment.

7.- Any treatment ends with an evaluation form in which you flip over your views on the results, the received treatment, facilities and care quality.

A. MEDICAL TREATMENTS Dermatology, aesthetic medicine, cosmetology, nutrition. In the following interview the treatment is described, you will review all the previously discussed aspects and a consent to perform treatment will be signed. Laboratory tests may have been requested, in that case, and if necessary the test results will be awaited before starting treatment. Will be defined a time lag to evaluate treatment outcomes and consider its real effectiveness. If so applicable, a monitoring plan which could consist if control interviews or maintenance interventions as the case will be stipulated. ( microdermoabrasion, intradermotherapy, peeling, etc)

B. PLASTIC SURGERY TREATMENTS OR COMBINED WITH MEDICAL PROCEDURES The surgeon may request additional tests or consultation with other doctors if necessary. Required tests depends on your clinical condition but in all cases will include: complete blood count, coagulation studies and electrocardiogram. With tests results and medical consultations that may have beer requested, shall attend consultation with the anesthesiologist. If there were no contraindications and as last step before surgery, will attend the last interview in which the previously mentioned consent will be signed, after all aspects related to the procedure have beer reviewed. - pre surgery preparation - post surgery - expected results, risks and procedure description. All this items will be discussed and given to you as well as the indications for the surgery's day and the attending Surgeon phone number.

C- DENTAL TREATMENTS The sequence is generally similar to that of plastic treatments.