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Face Rejuvenation


Our face rejuvenation concept begins with a simple, refined minimally traumatic surgery, with results always within the esthetic parameters, pointed to maintain or restore youth patterns.

Naturalness of gestures is our guide for surgery. The face should look like it was not operated and scars should be imperceptibles.

Traits are the main capital of a person and preserve them is ours. The successful, save and professional surgery is our specialty, whose effect will never be a “surgery face”. Frequently, our patients relate that people who know them recognize the freshness in their faces, without associating them with surgery. The shapes balance must be perfect; there should be no abrupt changes of gestures or factions.

At Swiss Clinic, we gently return the tissues displaced by the “fall” to its original position, always looking after the natural shapes, personal aging patterns and shapes.

The frames returns to their place through surgical and non invasive procedures combined.

The latter-day rejuvenation concept has abandoned the idea of stretching lifting by the elevation lifting, returning tissues in which gravity and time influenced, to their original position.

There is no age to start taking care of yourself. The early treatment of any tiny stigma will preserve the face freshness longer and also minimize the procedure traces.

The endoscopy applied to the face esthetic surgery helps the patient to return to their regular activities really fast. By the imperceptible incisions (in the scalp), using local anesthesia, we obtain in few minutes, and ambulatory, better result than what it use to take a general anesthesia.

Beauty and youth are due to the surrounding tissues. The eyelids are face delicate integument Structure (tissues). They fulfill complex functions, and as time go on leaves its traces on them.

The continue action and pressure from the surrounding areas result in the eyes skin, causing appearance of “bags”, dark circles (hollows) and wrinkles.

The aesthetic correction is possible, returning the smoothness eyelid and repairing, restoring firmness.

With this surgery we achieve uniform regions, without redundant tissue or deforming stress, in short, no physiognomy changes.

An incision in the upper eyelid allows a masked scar.

In the lower eyelid, the incision below the lashes rim will be invisible after surgery. This surgery takes 15 to 30 minutes each eyelid. During the first 48 hours the patient activity must be restful. The common tasks are allowed. The eyelids heal incredibly fast and the stitches are removed quickly which prevents skin tags.

While neck suffers belatedly over time due to skin quality in this area, the sub mental region (dewlap) suffers it early, especially laxity and fat deposit.

Our neck surgery allows us to model the accumulated fat and tighten all structures, obtaining the most surprising change, most of the times, in a simple procedure, which last no more than one hour, and the patient can leave the clinic on their own.

Procedure Details

Treatment Description:

Each face third has unique aspects, anyway, whatever the case is, we work to achieve firmness of tissues without distortions through a volumetric re accommodating, positioning tissues to their original places.

Each patient is unique and because of that we apply differential techniques based on the pre surgery established diagnosis.

It is usual drown small incisions in the auricular contour (contour of the ear) which will be imperceptible after the surgery. In the upper face third it is possible to work by endoscopy, avoiding scalp visible scars.

Estimated time of surgery:

Generally less than 3 hours.

Post surgery:

During the first 48 hours will be a progressive swelling and we recommend relative rest as well as moderated slight activity.

After the third day, the swelling decrease and it is possible to use makeup. If there is echymossis or the hematomas, they will totally disappear within 10 days.

During the first week the patient returns to usual activity and during the second to physical activities that do not involve the head.